Tribe Football Team is TAIAO State Champs

Congratulations to the Tribe varsity football team which defeated NYOS in the state title game 52-40. The team started the season 1-3 but finished strong with 9 straight wins on their way to securing the second state title in the past four years. The defensive Most Valuable Player went to Matthew Morales as he had a season high three interceptions in the game. The offensive MVP went to Grant Golemon as he threw for 234 yards and ran for 176 while compiling six touchdowns.

The warriors led TAIAO Division II in team defense and offensive rushing yards behind the running of Sophomore Esteban Lozano. The defense was paced by Sophomores Golemon and Ben Hosteler as the two combined for more than 200 tackles on the season. The warriors had four players recognized as 1st Team All state including Esteban, Hostetler, Golemon, and Josh Hansel. The team had three 2nd Team All State including Graham Mills, Jacob Lee and Morales.

The team will return 12 of 13 players next season and will have their eyes set on a third state title.